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सुनुवार सेवा समाज video रिपोर्ट

सुनुवार सेवा समाज स्थापना भए देखि हाल सम्म के-कस्ता उपल्बधि भए एक video रिपोर्ट
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One Comment to सुनुवार सेवा समाज video रिपोर्ट

  1. chandra prk sunuwar says:

    Great,Great thanks for documentary i was also thinking to give suggesition to make and include all icon of sunuwar who sacrifice and devoted for sunuwar society in past.I am very happy to see all the important person of sunuwar who gave something and because of their sacrifice nowadays you can see new face and new identity of sunuwar people in nepal.I am greatly shoked one of the icon of sunuwar who had more important role than all sunuwar president his name is missing and he is almost legendary person in sunuwar welfare society since beginning to till now.I felt completly unjust and incomplete without mentione his name so i decided personally to mention his name as honour from all sunuwar he’s name is TIKA RAM MULICHA AND HE IS A KIND OF GOD OF SUNUWAR SOCIETY.Hopefully next time someone from sws independantly gonna make his personal documentry what he has done for sunuwar.

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