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4 Comments to Sunuwar bhasa Radio

  1. Kormocha CK says:

    Namsewol, Cheredumin !!!
    Dhannya bad Sabai koinch bandhu haru ma . Aafno astittwo ra pahichan ko lagi Redio(Ngoan king) Karyakram ko thhalani garnu bhayeko ma …..

  2. cp says:

    Title: Be aware all the Sunuwars.
    At the moment a gang of very ambitious but very unconcious, foolish and almost blind who couldn’t see the far reaching consequinces or dire consequences of their evil karma.I am well known person for anti brahminism but the way these guys giving us lecture and blaming for being strong supporter of braminism is almost unthinkable and laughable.You can’t just preach of hatred against braminism just without logic and doing special operation, and first you need to do that but these guys just flying in sky like without wings.So far in my knowledge these guys are not preaching hatred against brahminism but against Sunuwar word and tried to kill our historical name sunuwar and establish or give birth of koich name, i don’t oppose if everybody can renamed as Koich but one thing do not forget that Sunuwar was historical name received by original Kiratas due to living near by Sunkosi.They preaching hatred agains Sunuwar word and further more they are cursing our great heroes, but for me these were the true heroes of Sunuwar and known as Yugin Mahapurus such as Sarme and Dharme.What they have not done for interest of Kiranti Sunuwar ?, who established the status of Sunuwar as Kshatriya and given many respect but poorly other fellow mongolian remain as bhote or sudra or untouchable, so instead of worshiping hero they are disgracing our hero! what shame?.These children couldn’t understand what i trying to say but surely will have sever consequences if ordinary Sunuwar keep listening and following them as idle.

  3. namasewal kormocha ck jiu nu cp jiu…oko hajur pukim pacha dumsho mait sesebrese kosha goi ya ichka khoi lo rupcha tata cp dayu en cheredumin hai….

  4. Dr Lal-Shyãkarelu Rapacha says:

    लो मबेथुन हुंग्रो दुम्मात .

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