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Sunuwar bhasa Radio 2068-01-17


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Hajurko Radio (Ramechhap)

यहाहरुको केहि प्रतिकृय भए अथाव radio मार्फत सुचान प्रवहा गर्नु चाहानु हुन्छ भने comment गर्नुहोला या मा email गर्नुहोला।

One Comment to Sunuwar bhasa Radio 2068-01-17

  1. Hari Om Linucha Mukhia says:

    Dear brother,


    I like your program very much. Please keep posting me Youtube or radio program
    on Koicha music. But most of these program needed to technologized with musical code of classical and modern technology with saregamapa code. These song does not contain any musical arrangment. Even if I don’t know a little Koichalo, it needed to be consolidated and strenghtened with modern technology. Please enroll me as a membership for actively take part in contributing the upliftment and ressurection koicha culture. Please help me augment the koichalo grammer and literature. Let us open the organisationed called ” Koicha Development Commission’ or Koicha Utthan Seva Samiti” by raising membership fee of INR 5000 to 10000 annually from almost all Koicha members or Koicha culture will die out if there is no focus to uplift the same. Let us publish a monthly magazine, brochure, newspaper to propagate Koicha culture. Please let me know your view point to me at the earliest. There should be quarterly seminar, workshop and annual congregation at Kathmandu, Siliguri or Gangtok turn by turn. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Hariom Mukhia

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