All about Sunuwar

सवि शिवानी सेकुवा कर्नर

नमस्ते, सवि शिवानी सेकुवा कर्नरले एक दशक देखी ग्राहक वर्गहरुलाई शुद्ध धराने कालो बंगुरको मासु तथा सेकुवा र अन्य खाजाहरुको सेवा पुराउदै आएको छ ।

हाम्रा सेवाहरु

धराने कालो बंगुरको सेकुवा, खाजा (भुजिया) सेट, मःम, छोयला, भटमास सादेको, सुकुटी, चाउमिन, पेय पदार्थ आदि


There are approximately 449 calories in a 4 oz serving of plain braised pork

spare ribs (about 113 calories per ounce). There are approximately 388 calories in three BBQ pork spare ribs. There are approximately 396 calories in one very large, American style BBQ porkspare rib. Add additional calories accordingly for BBQ sauce. (check labels). Koinch Sunuwar style BBQ pork may contain more since they are usually fresh and light grilled, thereby retaining some fat…. Additionally, they use special spices and oil adding further calories.

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