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History of sunuwar kirant and their culture

” History of sunuwar kirant and their culture “

By Chandra Prakash Sunuwar
Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Kathmandu

According to Sanskrit literature and mythology, Kathmandu valley was huge lake where Naga used to live. Legend has it that the Kathmandu valley was once a large lake surrounded by mountains. It was known as Nag Hirat(Tank of serpents). As Nagas or magical snake beings were said to guard treasure lying at the bottom of the lake. There was no human habitats, around the hill of valley Kiranti hunter used to hunt. According to Mahavarata lord Siva himself went to Nepal disguising himself as Kirant hunter and hunting in Kathmandu hill later lord Manju Shree came to Kathmandu from China-Tibet. He saw god Mahadeva meditating on lotus of Kathmandu lake so he worship and greet Mahadeva and cut the Chovar hill to pass the water. When all water passed through Chovar Hill, Gopal and Mahispal people came to settle and rule. Neolithic tools found in the Kathmandu Valley indicate that people have been living in the Himalayan region for at least 9,000 years. It appears that a people who were probably of Tibeto-Burman Kiranti. They were living and hunting since ancient time in valley which is mentioned in most of the ancient Hindu literature including kiranti chronicle, mythology and folklore. Though very little is known about the early history of Nepal, legends and documented references, like the following, reach back to the first millennium BCE:

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