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हार्दिक आमन्त्रण् :

यहि २०६७ साल पौष ९ गते शुक्रवारका दिन सुनुवार सेवा समाजको नेतृत्वमा काठ्मन्डौंको कोटेश्वरवाट “यथाशक्य संविधान निर्माण” तथा वल्लो किरांत राज्यको माग् सहित र्‍यालि निकालेर नयाँ वानेश्वर संसद भवनको पश्चिम द्वारमा पुगि कोण सभाको आयोजना गरिने भएकोले सम्पुर्ण वल्लो किरांत वन्धुहरुलाइ उपस्थित भै यस महत्वपुर्ण र दवाबमुलक र्‍यालिमा सहभागि हुन यसै सुचना मार्फत हार्दिक आमन्त्रण् गर्दछौं ।

साथै सो कार्यक्रम पश्चात सुनुवार सेवा समाजको ८औं सम्मेलनको उधघाटन समारोह अनमोल क्याटरिङमा हुनेभएकोले, सम्पुर्ण किरांति कोंइच वन्धुहरुको गौरवमय उपस्थितिको लागि यसै सुचना मार्फत हार्दिक निमन्त्रणा गरिन्छ ।

सुनुवार सेवा समाज, केन्द्रिय समिति
मिति : २०६७ पौष ९ गते शुक्रवार,
समय : विहान ठिक ९:०० वजे,
स्थान : सुनुवार सेवा समाज परिसर, कोटेश्वर, कठ्मान्डौं ।

5 Comments to हार्दिक आमन्त्रण् :

  1. chandra pks sunuwar says:

    Message to those kiratas who are lion hearted,brave and one of the superior ruling class of himalaya’s in past.Histry is alive wallo kirant had boarder from sanga bhanjyang west ktm to dudhkosi in east.Due to dynamic of time we lost our majesty.cruel,inhuman,human verson of demon who are lower then animal in their status due to their beheviour,enemy of kirata the hyna race these aryan decendant chetri and bramhin invaded,looted and raped our mother land wallo kirant.Spirit of our anciestor were disgraced.They are sad,weeping and being captive in their own land wallo kirant.Now this is your duty to free them.Wallo kirant is our mother land and golden duck which can lay golden egg.This is time to hunt golden duck otherwise someone is there to hunt may be tamasaling or newamandala.You are the jimidar [owner] of this land.This was land of your YABRE GUBRE.Please for one time come together to achieve our goal.This is historical moment to gain historical land.Unity is everything we can kill the lion otherwise lion will kill you picking up one by one.Let you bear in your mind there is two important things.LIVE AND ACHIEVE NOTHING OR DIE AND ACHIEVE SOMETHING.COWARD DIE THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE HE DIE.My friend choice is your and wallo kirant is in your hand wheter you want to gain or lose for forever.

  2. kormoch says:

    Thank you very much CPS sir for your motivation and encouragement. We know “Ghale Daud” cannot be the right way of achievement, so, please be a part of Kirat community and let’s join hands altogether for this mission. This is not an impossible mission but every Kirat from every conrner of the world need to contribute. For this, there are many ways of contributions and devotioins, so please be the part of Kirat and contribute by heart. We hearty welcome all of you !!!

  3. raj kumar says:

    Hami wallo kirant ko lagi bali dina tayar chau.

  4. amrit sunuwar says:

    yaha haru sabai lai namsewal ! hami hamro purkheuli thalo wollo kirat bhumi ko lagi aafno bali chadauna tayar chau aaja hamilai yaha bat hamro itihas metauna khojidai cha hamro bhabisya mathi khelbad garna khojidai cha khabar dar yasto nahos jaya wollo kirat sampurna kirati ek hau

  5. bujich says:

    sabai sunuwar kiranti bandhu haru afno jati ra bhumiko nimti sajag hunu paryo.Wallo kirant bhaneko hamro rajya ho ra hami yesko sasak hau.Samachar dine sabai mahan sunuwar harulai dhanyabad.Jay wallo kirant.

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