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चुप्लु समाज (कोइँच चुपलु) को समग्र मानवीय हित, क्षमता अभिवृद्धि तथा जीवनवृत्तिको लागि
सार्वजानिक सूचना चुप्लु

Dear All

CEADS’s Academic Council has been regularly organizing Late Dr. Harka Gurung Discussion/Lecture Series on contemporary issues. According to its regular Schedule, the upcoming 23th Dr Harka Gurung Discussion Series is going to be held in the following Topic, Venue, Date and Time. We heartily request you all to attend in this program.

Invitation letter of this series has been attached herewith.


Speaker/Resource Person:

Er. Santa Pun, Expert/Specialist (Water Resources)


SATOAKI BUILDING, Kupandol (Oppisite to Himalayan Hotel)

Phone no. 5548956 (Only for Location)

Date: 15 November 2010 (29 Katrik 2067)

Time: 3.00PM Sharp.

This is a public lecture and admission is free and open to all. Please

direct queries to 5533362.

Best Regards

Gobinda Chhantyal

Academic Council,

Late Dr. Harka Gurung Discussion/Lecture Series

Centre for Ethnic and Alternative Development Studies (CEADS)

Natole, First Lane Mangalbazaar Road

Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

GPO Box 4885

Sundhara, Kathmandu

Phone: (977 1) 5533362



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  1. fast of all i wann say goodmorningto everybody….
    as well as i would like to say txs for invitetation…but unluckly .we r so sorry ok becise we r not in give to excuse to us who we are not able to assemble there….any get good dission. n and try to go up ……txs ….lekh bahadur sunuwar ..Macau…..

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