All about Sunuwar

23rd Dr. Harka Gurung Memorial Lecture Series

1st Nov. 2010; Kopundol, Lalitpur

“23rd Dr. Harka Gurung Memorial Lecture Series” has been held in Sato Aki Ito Memorial Building today. Dr. Lal Shyakarelu Rapacha Sunuwar, CRO, NFDIN, Ministry of Local Development presented a brief report on “A Postcolonial Reading of Indigenous Sunuwar Chronicles” in the program. Dr, Rapacha has mentioned that the rules of the state and the historical scenarios influenced the living styles of Sunuwar people which directly affected the identity and chronicles of Sunuwar indigenous nationalities. Members of the lecture series spoke in past and present situation of the Sunuwar indigenous nationality and recommended the strategic planning to struggle in the future.

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