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Sunuwar bhasa Radio 2067-3-30

[audio: radio 2067-3-30.mp3]

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2 Comments to Sunuwar bhasa Radio 2067-3-30

  1. rupak says:

    good job amrit dai and ukusu katicha uncle!!
    bt i couldnt understand it cleary k!
    it was too much formal that i need dictionary to understand what you guys said!
    so i request you guys to speak in informal and practical way so that we could understand!
    and one more thing, those folk sounds were too muchbeautiful!!
    thumbs up guys!
    keep up the work!!

  2. Bapuns Sunuwar says:

    thannk koinch dherai rimsho bat koinch radio sadhai rimsho boshsha lal anke prathana chha koinch radio karyekram rimsho rimsho .

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