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Sunuwar bhasa Radio 2068-07-02

[audio: Programme 2-7-68.mp3]

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  1. cp says:

    There is old saying ‘rachanlai jatti chalayo uttinai gandha’ but here unfortunetly ‘rachan’ itself moved without the help of others and vigorously expanding its stinkyness.who have almost nil in historical knowledge tried to open the pages of history same ukkhan (proverb) as ‘kalo acchar vaisi barabar’, what do you know about rai?, rai was not jati but title and it was given to all kirantis who resided in ‘majh kirant and wallo kirant’, or rai means common name or title for all those kirantis, for instance our own historical brother ‘bahing’ choosed to write rai but not by sunuwar in some cases only because we became more historical because as i have already said that ‘sunuwar’ was given or called by invaders for original kiratas who reside near by sunkosi.Well still we are called rai or khambu as well but we didn’t cheat or choose to write as you claiming, historically we were given or called rai (title) as well including mukhiya then they fully deserve to write rai or sunuwar or whatever but due to changing political situation we became more and more broken tribes for instance some write mukhiya, some write rai and some write sunuwar, even farther more yourself ‘rapacha’ this is bad for our unity so need to decide and write only one clan name ‘Sunuwar’ which is overwhelmingly cemented and registered for identification.’Baral thar’ can be bahun, can be magar, can be Kami and even some damai, i mean you can’t separate ‘baral word’ for those jatis withou asking then at least we have clealy separated word Sunar and Sunuwar then what’s wrong with you guys?, so stop talking nonesence and make stinky to all sunuwars like you guys do violating ‘sancharko madyam radio’.

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