December, 2009

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Koinch Chhengu (सुनुवार चेँगु )

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The most important Puja is the’ Chhengu’ performed during the months of November-December or March-April, invoking the several Sunuwar deities, and the spirits of the dead ancestors who are believed to be cam pint in a monastery(Gumba) immediately after death and have to be guided to their permanent abode of the dead ancestors. During this Puja unmarried boy and girl are made to prepare rice from paddy. Wooden mortar and pestle are used for such purpose and are kept absolutely out of the reach of others. The rice is then cooked in water and at the first sign of boiling the dry uncooked rice into the boiling rice. The cooked rice is then kneaded with hands and 108 cones (Tormas) are prepared out of it. Read More